2014-2015 Welcome Back

I hope this article finds you rested, relaxed, and excited to begin the 2014-2015 school year.  Every year brings an opportunity for us to learn and grow.  I am looking forward to getting the year off to a good start and having the momentum carry over to a successful year at LHS.

We have been faced with some challenges over the past year.  As a community, I feel that we have learned a great deal from our experiences and are ready to move forward in a positive direction.  This year, we will be focusing on the social-emotional health of all of our students and staff at LHS.  We recognize that there is a great deal of stress in people’s lives.  It is our responsibility to treat each other with respect and create an environment where we feel safe and can produce at a high level.

We are starting a Transitions program this year at LHS.  The program will be staffed with a special education teacher and a social worker.  The goal of the program is to have students make a successful transition back into the regular education environment.  Students in the program will likely be returning to LHS from long-term hospitalizations or illnesses, concussions, or anxiety disorders.  We are excited to offer a new level of service to those students needing a little more support than we were able to provide in the past.

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, the first phases of construction of the new Lunenburg Middle-High School have begun.  We will have a new traffic pattern before and after school hours.  When the times and flow of traffic are confirmed, we will post at the website with diagrams of the changes.  We will need to be flexible over the next few years until the project is complete.  For more information on the building project, please visit https://sites.google.com/a/lunenburgschools.net/school-building-project/

As a school, we are constantly looking at ways that we can increase our communication and disseminating of information.  I will once again be using Twitter to keep the LHS community apprised of information and events going on at the high school.  I have become much more comfortable using Twitter over the past year, so I will be sending tweets on a regular basis.  Follow me on Twitter: @LHS_BlueKnights to get regular updates.  You can also get alerts from Twitter even if you do not have an account.  All you have to do is text “follow @LHS_BlueKnights” to Twitter’s shortcode, 40404, and you will start getting real time updates. 

Our eighth grade orientation will run a little differently this year.  On Tuesday, August 26, there will be an orientation for eighth grade students, any students new to LHS, and their parents from 6-7:30 PM in the LHS auditorium.  All incoming eighth grade students, new students to LHS, and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  We will feature a guest speaker from the Worcester County District Attorney’s office to discuss responsible internet use, Facebook and other social media, cyber-bullying, and internet safety. 

On Wednesday, August 27 we will be running a full day for eighth grade students and a reverse half day for students in grades 9-12.  Student leaders and LHS faculty members will be orienting our new students to the building and to the LHS culture from 7:25 AM – 10:00 AM.  Our student leaders will: distribute schedules, give tours of the building, facilitate an icebreaker activity, and show incoming students where their lockers will be and how to open a lock.  We will run through an abbreviated schedule so students will know where all their classes are and can start to navigate their way around the building.  A schedule for the first day of school will be posted on the LHS website in the next couple of days.

We welcome parents, alumni, and community members to visit our school and attend events.  Please take a look at the LHS website for updates. I look forward to seeing you all!  Lunenburg Pride!!!

Brian Spadafino


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