A Glimpse at LHS After the First Term

It is hard to believe that we are already a full term into the school year.  Just a few weeks ago, temperatures were in the eighties and the sun was setting around 7:00 PM.  Fast forward to November and the first snowflakes have fallen, temperatures are ending the day in the thirties, and it is getting dark around 5:00 PM.  This is a good time to reflect on some of the positive things that have occurred at LHS and look at some of the challenges that are ahead of us as we look toward winter.

I could not be more proud of the school spirit that has been exhibited this year by our students and staff.  Those who attended the Homecoming Parade witnessed the spirit that our students have shown since we started school in August.  Students have been loud and positive, as they have cheered and supported their teammates, classmates, and fellow community members.   This was evident during our Homecoming Rally on Friday, October 17.  The class officers performed skits based on the homecoming theme, students cheered for their classmates, and the entire student body rocked-out to the Van Halen song, Jump, which brought the entire student body onto the gym floor dancing and singing.  It was a beautiful thing to be part of and to watch.

Attendance at football games and other athletic events has been higher this year than it has been in the last few years.  Our teams have been competitive on the athletic fields and our fans have been overwhelming positive.  At our home football games, the student section (dubbed “the Dungeon”), has been enthusiastic and supportive of our team.  The term, dungeon, may have a negative connotation, but our fans have been anything but negative.  They lead chants, sing and dance, and enjoy themselves all game long.  At the conclusion of games, win or lose, they line the exit of the field and form a tunnel of students a few hundred feet long.  They clap, offer high-fives, and congratulate both teams on a well-played game.  Opposing coaches, athletic directors, parents, and Lunenburg community members have commented on what an incredible scene of sportsmanship they have witnessed.  Our community should be very proud to hear that this is the impression of Lunenburg that surrounding towns are leaving with.  The next home football game will be on Friday, November 14.  Come out to support our team and see what other communities are talking about.

With so many positive things occurring inside and outside of the classroom, we still need to be mindful that we are moving into a very difficult time of year for many of our community members. With days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, we need to look for warning signs and make sure that we support and take care of each other.  If you would like some information on Depression or Seasonal Affect Disorder, please visit the LHS website and look under the “Parents” tab.  As always, the mental health and well-being of our students and community members is our highest priority.

Lunenburg Pride!

Brian Spadafino, Principal


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