Two Week Look Ahead - September 7, 2015

Good morning.  I will try to put a “two week look ahead” out to students and parents on a regular basis.  It’s a good way to let everybody know what is going on at LHS.  So, here it goes for the first one of the 2015-2016 school year.

Before I get to the calendar, I want to give you some information about a few things:
  • I want to thank Mr. Short and the 37 student leaders that gave up part of their summer to plan the 8th grade orientation and came in early on the first day of school to orient the 8th graders to LHS.  We certainly have a great group of kids and I am amazed every year by their level of commitment to their school community
  •  As you know, LHS has replaced what was known as "homeroom" by students with a more formal advisory. One of the purposes of implementing advisory is to strengthen relationships between students and teachers.  We know from both experience and research that kids learn best and are most successful when they have strong relationships with adults. At the start of the school year, all teachers love the challenge and opportunity to get to know your student, however, as the parent/guardian, we recognize that you are the "expert".  We would encourage all parents/guardians to email the teachers and school counselor of your student to provide any information about them that will be helpful to building a strong relationship. This information can be anything, for example, hobbies or activities inside of school or out, things that have contributed to or taken away from academic success in the past, concerns that you or your student have about the upcoming get the idea.  The more we know, the better we can help. 
  • Each year we require our students to pay a $40 activity fee.  This money largely goes toward paying the stipends of our club advisors.  We try to offer a diverse array of clubs and activities that appeal to our students.  In addition to paying for stipends, the activity fees are used to offset the cost of buses to some events that clubs participate. 
  • Mr. Short will be offering an SAT prep class this fall and another one in the spring.  This class will be in the evening and is FREE!  Any students interested in signing up should see Mr.Short for more information. 
  • We will once again have open parking this week in the back parking lot.  Seniors have been issued parking permits already.  By the end of the week, Junior parking permits will be issued and we will announce that students must park in their assigned spots. 
Unfortunately, I’ve probably missed something.  And now the calendar of activities at LHS (Only varsity games are listed.  For a more detailed list of all games, please see the LHS website):

Tuesday, 9/8 – Girls Soccer vs. Tyngsborough at 7 PM on the turf
Wednesday, 9/9 – Golf vs. Oakmont at 3:30 at Settler’s Crossing
Thursday, 9/10 
  • LHS Open House – 6-8 pm Begins in auditorium
  • Boys Soccer vs. Gardner at 7 pm on the turf
Friday, 9/11 – Football AT Oakmont at 7 PM in Oakmont

Saturday, 9/12 – Girls Soccer vs. St. Bernard’s at 11 AM on the turf

Monday, 9/14 
  • Golf vs. Gardner at 3:30 pm at Settler’s Crossing 
  • Boys Soccer vs. Clinton at 3:30 pm on the turf 
Tuesday, 9/15 – Club Fair in the gym during lunch (a schedule will be coming soon)

Wednesday, 9/16
  • Golf vs. Tyngsborough at 3:30 pm at Settler’s Crossing
  • Boys Soccer vs. Littleton at 3:30 pm on the turf
  • Field Hockey vs. Oakmont at 7:00 pm on the turf
Thursday, 9/17 – Golf vs. Littleton at 3:30 pm at Settler’s Crossing

Friday, 9/18
  • Girls Soccer vs. Bromfield at 3:30 pm on the turf
  • Football AT Clinton at 7:00 pm in Clinton


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