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Two Week Look Ahead - September 30, 2016

Good morning.  As we officially say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn, activities at LHS are really heating up.  Float meetings have started and our athletic teams are at about the halfway point of their seasons (having played most of their games on the road.)  The new fields will be sodded next week and the bleachers should be finished soon.  The turf field was stripped of the old turf and hauled off site.  Construction should begin on the new turf field in the near future.  We will have to see (depending on the weather) if the track will be resurfaced this fall or in the spring. 
Here are some updates from the guidance office: PSAT Registration ends at 5pm on Thursday, October 6th It is strongly recommended that all students in grades 10 and 11 take the PSAT exam if they are considering attending a 4-year college after graduation. 
Week 2 of Senior Seminars! We are entering week 2 of senior seminars.  All seniors are required to attend senior se…

Two Week Look Ahead - September 22, 2016

Good morning.   Things are getting settled at LMHS.  We are in the middle of our second full week of school and our first official day of autumn.  Now that academics have started to ramp up in the classrooms, we encourage students and parents to periodically log into PowerSchool to check on student progress.  I do caution that having access to PowerSchool can be a blessing and a curse.  We are always searching for that healthy balance of monitoring progress, while not becoming obsessive over every point gained or lost.  My recommendation is for a parent/guardian to look at PowerSchool once or twice a week with the student and talk about the assignments, things that have room for improvement, and areas where praise can be given to the student.  As students move through the high school, we once again need to find that balance of giving them their independence while continuing to help mold them into the citizens we hope them to be in the future.  These academic (and social)…

Two Week Look Ahead - September 6, 2016

Good morning.  I hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend.  We are nearly a week into the school year and our after-school activities are going to start over the next week or so.  I will be putting out an email every two or three weeks with upcoming events.  My hope is that you are able to put some of those dates on your calendar to see our athletes play in games, our actors and actresses perform on stage, and our musicians bring us the joy of music. Just a quick note about drop-off in the morning before I get to the schedule:  Please pull as far forward as you possibly can when dropping off your student.  The more cars we can get into the loop, the better, as we are often flirting with being backed up to Mass. Ave.  Additionally, it helps when cars enter and exit from Mass. Ave.  Open House for LHS is on Monday, September 12 from 6-8pm.  Please give yourself a few extra minutes that evening, as we need to start at 6:00pm sharp to ensure that we are able to cycle through an entire 7 period…