Two Week Look Ahead - September 22, 2016

Good morning.   Things are getting settled at LMHS.  We are in the middle of our second full week of school and our first official day of autumn.  Now that academics have started to ramp up in the classrooms, we encourage students and parents to periodically log into PowerSchool to check on student progress.  I do caution that having access to PowerSchool can be a blessing and a curse.  We are always searching for that healthy balance of monitoring progress, while not becoming obsessive over every point gained or lost.  My recommendation is for a parent/guardian to look at PowerSchool once or twice a week with the student and talk about the assignments, things that have room for improvement, and areas where praise can be given to the student.  As students move through the high school, we once again need to find that balance of giving them their independence while continuing to help mold them into the citizens we hope them to be in the future.  These academic (and social) check-ins ensure that the lines of communication remain clear between parent/guardian and student.

We have entered "Homecoming Season."  Our classes are starting to meet to plan their floats.  This year's theme for Homecoming is Steven Spielberg directed movies.  I encourage students to participate in float meetings and use the time to interact with classmates they may not get to talk to on a daily basis.  Our alumni always point to float meetings as a great way to connect with classmates and something they will miss most about LHS.  I hope students choose to get involved!

Our calendar for the next two weeks is:

  • Thursday, September 22 - Cross Country vs. Tahanto at 3:30 pm at LHS

  • Friday, September 23 - Football vs. Clinton at 7:00 pm at Doyle Field in Leominster

  • Monday, September 26 - Field Hockey vs. Bromfield at 3:30 pm at Marshall Park

  • Wednesday, September 28 - Field Hockey vs. North Middlesex at 3:30 pm at Marshall Park

  • Saturday, October 1 - Field Hockey vs. St. Bernard's at 3:30 pm at Marshall Park

  • Monday, October 3 - Field Hockey vs. Gardner at 3:30 pm at Marshall Park

  • Tuesday, October 4 - Girls Soccer vs. Gardner - Time and Place TBD

Have a great day.

Mr. Spadafino


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